Towing Risks to Avoid

When it comes to towing, your brand new truck you just purchase may pack a serious feature. However, if you don’t prepare properly and take the necessary precautions, using it to tow your RV, boat, or trailer can be dangerous, even though it is a vehicle designed to pull thousands of pounds.

If you don’t want to call Burlington towing companies and just want to do the towing all by yourself, here are several towing risks that you have to avoid:

Controlling Trailer Sway

Whenever the towed trailer begins to swerve side to side in a fishtailing way, you are experiencing trailer sway. This is the main reason for almost every towing accident on the road.

This could occur for many reasons. This includes poor weight distribution, high speeds, excessive loads, strong crosswinds, towing at an awkward angle, poor trailer design, improper tire inflation, and much more.

Maneuvering and Driving Your Trailer and Car

A lot of experts recommend practicing the basic movements with your trailer towed to your car before you hit the road. This includes driving uphill, braking, backing up and making turns. When you are on the open road, you will be a lot more confident once you got down the basics.

In addition to basic maneuvers, when passing other cars and moving forward on the road, you will want to watch your speed. You should follow the state laws and adjust your speed accordingly. Make sure you consider the whole length of your system when passing other cars.

Plan Your Route Early On

The capability of maneuvering low clearance and narrow roads will greatly vary on the size of what you are towing. Because of that, it is extremely crucial that you plan your trip ahead of time and have an alternative route if something is not right on the main road.

There are several methods you could do this. However, getting a modern navigation system that would help you is the most convenient method. An excellent thing to know early on is the height of your structure. This is particularly true since there are roads with low clearance passages.

Consider Visibility

Whenever you are pulling a big trailer behind your car, visibility could be drastically influenced. Modern tools enable drivers to counteract the lack of visibility by having a rearview camera. However, there are extensions for side mirrors that could help you if installing a rearview camera isn’t an option for you.

Backing up, making basic turns, and changing lanes are almost not possible without excellent visibility. Before you leave your property, you have to consider this.

Do Not Overload

You’ve got to ensure you stay in the recommended weight limit and do not overload, whether you’re using a heavy-duty truck or an SUV for towing. If you don’t want to risk ending up in an accident, you have to know how much your car could safely tow.

Typically, you can find this information in the owner’s manual. You can also find it on the internet. You have to consider the weight of the passengers too.

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